Looper - Foldable Round Sunglasses



Our folding round sunglasses

Looper are our round sunglasses. The classic shape was a must to include in our Eclipse series, but we reshaped it to fit our aesthetic. We designed the sunglasses to be minimalistic and elegant, but at the same time fun and we made sure to keep the characteristics of the classic model. Round sunglasses are one of the first types of frames created, they were supposed to mimic the natural shape of the eye. The round sunglasses became popular already in the 1920's and remained popular up until the 1950's. The materials and designs developed during this time which led to styles of frames such as the Wayfarers and cat eye styles. These styles quickly became popular and remained so throughout the 1950's. Around this time the round sunglasses were on the sideline for a while, until the 1960's when they became incredibly popular again as icons such as John Lennon and Janis Joplin wore them regularly. 

Customize your foldable round sunglasses

Like all the other models in our Eclipse series, our round sunglasses are foldable and fold down to as small as 2 cm. The sunglasses are designed to be light weight and therefore only weigh 15 g which makes them very comfortable to wear on your face. You can choose from our four different frame colors, we have them in gold, rose gold, gun metal and black, a perfect way to match your usual jewelry and personal style. Grey lenses are included, however, the lenses are interchangeable and we have separate lenses in seven additional colors, including computer lenses. This makes it very easy to customize your own pair of glasses, no matter what your needs or personal style is. All the lenses are polarized and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

Our round sunglasses come with a sunglasses case which includes an anti-lost function which is a Bluetooth device that you can connect to through an app and it will notify you immediately if you have left your glasses behind. If you want an easy way to spice up a boring outfit, our round sunglasses is the perfect way to do so. This classic retro shape will dress up any outfit effortlessly.

*All Looper models come with grey lenses. You can also buy additional lenses.

$ 149.00 $ 194.00

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